Why MGA? MGA Commodities is a vertically integrated manufacturer and importer of luxury home decor products. With almost twenty years of experience, we have become one of the industry leaders – all due to our dedication to innovation, state of the art technology and social responsibility. Since inception, it has been our goal to develop, import and distribute only the highest quality products at the most aggressive pricing – without straying from our commitment to technology and responsibility.

Though we began as a small local business, we have since evolved into a large-scale producer, importer and distributer of luxury home decor products with strong international partnerships and financial backing mutually focused on success. Through this substantial network, we have been able to flourish in not just our retail sector, but in our commercial sector as well; continuing to supply major industry players, as well as dozens of stores across Québec, Canada and the United States.

So, why should you choose MGA? For the same reason our partners remain at our sides and we at theirs – we remain committed to the success of our industry, our partners, the quality of our products and the preservation of our environment. Throughout the years we may have grown, but we have not changed: we’ve simply maintained and adapted our stance for a broader market.